Freecra.com is a Spanish network of freelances Clinical Research Associates (CRA) with large experience monitoring and managing clinical trials in Spain. We have experience managing clinical trials in all development phases (phase I, II, III and IV) and can offer a well established and reliable freelance structure in order to meet efficiently your requirements. We have contacts with another European freelances and could manage multinational clinical trials.


Freelances involved in the Freecra.com network include many highly experienced, self-motivated professionals, whose skills range from monitoring to senior project management.

Contracting with freelance.com can be particularly useful when the project manager needs local expertise for a pan-European trial or a multinational study to be conducted on more than one continent. Employing individuals with knowledge of local regulatory and ethics expectations can avoid delays caused by conducting a trial in diverse cultures, with differing regulatory requirements, medical practices, and languages.

Also to be considered, geographically located freelancers can allow for project savings on the cost of travel, budgets, and time. A freelance "virtual team" is not a fixed and permanent entity and can save money for sponsors/CROs. It usually comprises freelancers who possess complementary skills and expertise, working together within the same purpose.

We have the capacity to adapt to your requirements. A solution can be freelance monitors for studies in which continuity is desired, but the budgets, resources, and workloads do not demand a full-time CRA. For example, a CRA may be required only one or two days a week to monitor a year-long study.

Freelances usually remain self-motivated as they keep their self-employed status and have the opportunity to work with like-minded freelancers in other geographical areas. Communication between clients and freelancers is direct and assured, because no third parties are involved

Potential clients may have hesitated, thinking that the freelance work force lacks backup support but contingency plans can be set up at the start of a project to ensure immediate resource cover in the event that unforeseen circumstances occur.

We can work for pharmaceuticals and biotechnology companies as well as for CROs or independent organizations.